138: WTD>Old People




“Tell Em All, Eat Shit, Here We Go Again”

I have absolutely no clue as to why any of you look at anything I draw or read anything I write. My hope is that it’s somewhat entertaining? Or my follies make you feel better about your life because you’re much better off than I am. But that’s pretty much what this strip is about. For some reason everyone thinks that stangers should give a shit about their life, stories, families and problems. Most people can put on a happy face and listen to you bang on incessantly about the mundane shit that affects your stupid little life. I can’t. There’s is nothing about your life that I really give a shit about if it doesn’t somehow involve me. Selfish? Of course. But at least I’m honest about it.

Case in point, Facebook and Twitter. Looking at that shit makes me realize that damn near all of the people I know are just boring as shit. I like most of you, hate a couple and love a select few. But for Christs sake, do I give a fuck about what you’re eating tonight? Do I need a picture of it? Do I care you checked into the roller skating rink with your 14 year old girl friend? The last one yes, even though that’s a few years over my dating cieling, but by and large most of you don’t have anything interesting to say 90% of the time.


The world needs ditch diggers, street sweepers, wait staff, sewage workers, strippers, hookers and shit scrapers. Very few of us have anything interesting to say, and even fewer of you care to listen. So to those select few that give a shit about my stupid blog—thanks I guess. Now move along and update your relationship status.