So some of you may remember all these strips I did awhile back and was posting daily. Well I’m a complete moron and didn’t think to scan these before I colored them because I was churning out the strips so quickly…so I had to redraw them for the book. With that I give you the 13 Going on 30 strip part II.

Click the pic to see my ween–comic. I mean comic.


Add another…

 comic to the batch of embarrassing things I’ve done. Here’s a strip I found while rummaging around in my terabyte wasteland of computer space. This is one of those “real life, swear to god” stories. It’s also one of those “shitty old comic” type things as well.

Grandmas Xmas Gift


I’ve been rummaging through a lot of my old art folders looking for random, embarassing comic strips for you all to laugh at and I’ve come across a few things that i thought were kind of neat. Here’s a pencil version of a drawing I did for my grandma last year for Christmas. You see she almost died and thankfully pulled through. So when she was better she told me she wanted me to draw a picture of death with a big X over it, to show that she kicked deaths ass. So I just decided to draw her kicking deaths ass instead.

Soooo bored


I switched jobs recently and work way more hours between both of the new jobs I have. Ones serving food still and the other is shipping crap. So I’ve had very little time to update anything at all, but I do have a lot of time at my new serving job to sit around and drawl useless shit on the backs of server books. If you click the picture you can see a more detailed version of it, I think. But who knows.