Interior Porn



Look, interior design is fucking fantastic. I love looking at photos of home interiors as much as the next fag. But there’s something I enjoy seeing even more than a matching paint/duvet combo. While your first guess might be a womans breasts (and you’d be right, boobs rule) I enjoy looking at other artists workspaces. So I hit a few of my favorite artists/friends up and asked them to send me pictures of the spaces they create in, so I can post it on this here blog.


Corey Bernhardt//

Derick Brooks//

Derek Hunter//

Donal DeLay//

Bill Hewitt//

Jared Konopitski//

Joel Micheal Prittie//

Scott Corley//Facebook

Matt Leunig//

Hai-Na-Nu Saulque//

Paul Lau//

Shane Hillman//

Zachary Trover//

Note: I had to create thumbnails for these god damn things because some of these assholes wanted to send me a sweeping panoramic view of the area that they draw/masturbate in, instead of just sending me a few shots. Thanks fer nothin’ ye cocks.