Shitty Customer 03

Oh and good news while we’re on the topic of waiting tables, DADDY GOT A NEW PAIR OF MOTHER FUCKIN SHOES!!!! Yeah so I have had these pair of regular old Nike’s for oh, around 2 years. Not work safe, non-slip shoes mind you, just regular old Nike’s. It did make it easy to glide across the grease soaked kitchen.

 But then the whole sole fell apart and the grease/water/scum mixture started leaking into my shoe and covering my toes in pure filth.

So I went out and bought some brand spanking new work shoes. They’re Sketchers or whatever the fuck the name are of these beasts are. But I do know that once I got the leg braces off these dogs, the bitches panties started dropping. Look out ladies, I’m all class.

Shitty Customers


In celebration of me starting yet another job waiting tables, I’ve decided to drop some of the book I did awhile back called “Shitty Customers”. During down times at my shitty job waiting on socially awkward mouth breathers, I’d do sketches of all these freaks and see if my co-workers could tell who the table was. I posted some of these sketches some time back with short little stories about the creeps who come into my own personal hell I call work along with stories about what makes them “Shitty Customers” and people liked it for some reason. Some suggested I do a book of nothing but these, and by some I mean nobody I made that up myself to feel more important. SO, I made the book and promptly sold out of all of the first printing at APE last year. So here for the next few days, I’m gonna dump some of these off on you people to hate/love/hate.



Sometimes I draw strips which amount to absolutely nothing. This is one of at least 50 of those that I have. They’ll never end up anywhere because I have a tendency to sit on things way to long before I throw them online or in a book, so they either end up being irrelevant or I realize that the idea was just plain retarded. So I’m gonna post them up on here so you can all make fun of my lack of creativity and/or skill. Most of the time it’s both.

(click to enlarge, my penis that is. You’re on your own if you wanna see the strip bigger)


In case you don’t really remember this world changing current event, here’s the video…so it makes even less sense. God I suck. At least I got this as a tip last night at work…I’m using it as a wind sock.