Waiting to Die: Nu vs. Jesus



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Here’s a little story about how my good friend,¬†Hainanu Saulque¬†reacts in every situation where he meets somebody new. This whole idea came about when we were all drinking and laughing after Nu told us that he got to meet Quentin Tarantino at San Diego Comic Con. We all speculated that he’d meet Tarantino, shake his hand, get his DVDs signed, have a quick conversation with him, then walk away muttering how much of an asshole that Tarantino was. Which got us to speculating that even if he met Jesus, he’d still tell us he was an asshole afterwords.

Daily Drawing.






I think I’m 40 people into my eventual goal of drawing all of my Facebook friends.

Oh and then there’s this…I even troll my own shit on Facebook. People turn my art into their profile pictures and I just see the green light for self sabotage.

Maronzio Vance

So I’ve been working with stand up comedian Maronzio Vance, who is fucking hilarious. I normally don’t do any artwork for people at all because it usually ends up being a pain in the ass and never worth the trouble. But after listening to Maronzio’s podcast “Just Killing Time” I thought fuck it, I want to do something with this dude and see if something cool comes out.

So I got to rock his cover for his podcast which was pretty dope. But not to long ago Maronzio was in my neck of the woods doing an hour of fucking funny stand up, which gave me another idea to draw the man riding a My Little Pony. If you want to know the bit, you’ll just have to see him live. But I was fucking dying the whole time he was going on about it. So I’m gonna show my whole process more or less creating this piece.

So I took my trusty sketchbook/notepad to the show and just crammed it full of ideas based on the hour I sat and watched his stand up. I wrote down shit from every bit with little sketches next to it, which I would post—but I don’t want to fuck up Maronzio’s bits or give away any other ideas I have for pieces. Then from that i busted out another sketchbook to rough out some ideas and fuck with the layout of the best idea.

I normally don’t do a whole lot of sketching, so this was about it and then I moved straight onto working on the actual piece.

This is the only photo I have of the pencils. So you can see exactly how sloppy I work. I doubt anyone could ever ink my work. I wanted to do crappy letters that would look like a child drew them. I had to look up a shit load of reference for My Little Pony toys to get it right. I’m shit at drawing cars and horses. Both of those being my Kryptonite.

Inks are finished and only black fills are left before this bitch gets scanned in and is ready to roll. I left the castle out of the illustration because I felt like it made the shape and weight of the whole drawing feel wonky. I also didn’t add any of the lines to the rainbow behind the character because I knew I was going to be coloring this bad boy and didn’t want the colors to feel to heavy with lines in between them.

And then BAM! It’s magically cleaned up and ready for my mediocre coloring skills to blast eye herpes all over this shit.

then I color this shit and like this fuckin rambling blog post it’s done. Although something happened to the colors when I uploaded this shit—but whatever. Fuck it. I’m out.

Also here’s last weeks episode of Just Killing Time with Maronzio Vance for you fools to check out.