Waiting to Die: Nu vs. Jesus



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Here’s a little story about how my good friend, Hainanu Saulque reacts in every situation where he meets somebody new. This whole idea came about when we were all drinking and laughing after Nu told us that he got to meet Quentin Tarantino at San Diego Comic Con. We all speculated that he’d meet Tarantino, shake his hand, get his DVDs signed, have a quick conversation with him, then walk away muttering how much of an asshole that Tarantino was. Which got us to speculating that even if he met Jesus, he’d still tell us he was an asshole afterwords.

Processed Carbohydrates



So I’m still plugging away on my book and here’s an update on a page I’ve been working on. This is pretty much how I start out every single thing I do. I map out the panels and figure out my layout. I’ve never been a fan of panel layouts that are complex or really dynamic because I feel like the focus of a comic page should be the art and story. If people are noticing your triangular, jagged, sketchy, inset panel work your art has to pop so much more to make the art stand out. It’s not needed and honestly nobody even notices it. I’m already a victim of spending to much time working on things that nobody even notices or cares about. I don’t need to spend another 4 hours on fancy panel work. Also this is the first time I’ve drawn a comic at “traditional” size.

Next I flesh in the skeletons for my figures. There’s a ton of erasing involved in this stage and for me it’s the most important part of my figure drawing. The strange thing is I’ve been watching a ton of tutorials on Youtube regarding dynamic figure drawing and skeletal structure so this process has changed a bit more from what you see here.

Next I flesh out the character. I start with the expressions for the most part. you can see how I fill this in if you look at the difference between the first and third panels. I wanted a really simple and clean look for this panel with as few line variations as possible when I ink it to make the expressions stand out a bit more than usual. I think it helped to progress my character from a state of confusion to anger.

I started penciling all this from the bottom because the page is so fucking big I have to really hunch over to get the top of the page drawn. In the second panel you can see my complete lack of understanding perspective. Three lines will get it done. I’m a fucking moron. Maybe I’ll watch less internet porn and concentrate on perspective….naw that’s fucking crazy talk. I’ve also been trying to work on getting a more dynamic look in this book than I have before. You can see that from my 1st panel. It’s not that I didn’t care about it, but drawing at a larger size really affords me a lot more room to rock some different looking shit on the pages. Normally I draw at mini comic size in Moleskin sketchbooks which doesn’t allow a lot of room for non-essential story telling.

Here I’ve finished the bottom three panels pencil work and roughed in my lettering. I don’t really go hard on the lettering yet because at this point I’m really just trying to make it all fit. Normally I letter every single thing straight on the page by hand, but I’m switching up my usual process for this. I found that I use word balloons as a crutch for covering shit that I really haven’t figured out how to draw or shit that I’m just to lazy to put work into. For this comic I decided to force myself to not be such a lazy untalented fuck head and learn how to draw anatomy I suck at and I’m gonna add in all the lettering after I’ve drawn each page. However there’s no way I can do the same with sound effects and shit like that because to me it detracts from the flow of the page and I really like to work my sound effects into a lot of the motions I put into panels.

So I started inking some things (not because I finished the pencils as you can plainly see in panel two) in order to help me avoid smearing the pencil all over the page because I’m left handed, and to help me separate some line work from other lines. I am a terrible penciller. I scribble and draw over almost ever line that I lay on the page and after awhile it turns into a giant fucking disaster, so inking shit really helps me to differentiate foreground from background. Plus it looks better when I throw the picture on Instagram, like I’ve accomplished something with my time.

There you have it. All inked and pretty. There’s a few things left to tidy up, but it’s 99% done. I think I did pretty well conveying emotion and action on this page for the limited artistic skill set I possess, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide when you don’t purchase my book.

I’ll post more progress on the book next week as I finish more pages. I suppose if you have any questions on how or why I do things, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help you out. <3

Daily Drawing.






I think I’m 40 people into my eventual goal of drawing all of my Facebook friends.

Oh and then there’s this…I even troll my own shit on Facebook. People turn my art into their profile pictures and I just see the green light for self sabotage.

032: BK 01- PG 05



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Ladies and gentlemen, I am delirious. Not because Drive starring the dreamy Ryan Gosling has come out on Blu-Ray, no my friends. I have taken ill. It was aching joints, pounding headaches and raging boners for the past few days. The fever sweats have sub-sided and now I’ve been left with these terrible swollen throat. Two good things have come out of this affliction of mine ( 3 if you ask Janice, since I can’t talk.)

1. Since I’ve been sick and it hurt to make any rapid, repetitive motions thus ruling out spending all of my time watching Youporn and masturbating, I’ve been drawing like a fucking maniac. I’m finding this book is a bit harder for me to burn through even though I’ve drawn most of it before. It’s strange that working with any sort of foundation to a story sort of stalls me out. Whereas, I’ve cranked out 10 pages for another book in the same time it’s taken me to draw 4 for this book 01.

2. Something else that is very awesome is going on right now. But I don’t want to jinx myself, so I’ll wait until after a week or so and hopefully it sticks.

The original panel this page circa 2005.

Tomorrow is hopefully a new kids book page, but for today…Gosling. <3