016: It’s February?


Wow, it is February! January flew by—what a month. In the last week I’ve had or heard of four different people talking about checking out my blog personally. It always blows my mind/creeps me out that people are interested in whatever kind of mindless bullshit I have to say. I guess it topped it even more when I checked my monthly stats for the site. HOLY EFFING SHIT!!!!

Are you kidding me? 3936 views last month?! What did you fuck heads run out of porn?!? That’s god damn crazy. But thank you so much for checking out my measly blog. I’ll try not to shit on the fact that I’m doing something right to much. But now I guess I have to keep it going. That or die. Whichever comes first.

I have to admit that coming up with things that are actually interesting and not to mundane is very hard to maintain even with this sites low standards, so I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of “themes” for the month besides the standard Yitties on Mondays, and WTD strips on Wednesdays. So for this month I’ve found an amazing gem to dazzle you all. No not that. Not that either. OK fuck it it’s this:

It’s a little book for kids or mouth breathers who want to learn how to draw comics—and me. I still need to learn how to drawl comics so I’ve enlisted this book to help me out on becoming a success. So I’ll throw a few of these up finished by me throughout the month. Of course it will be finished in a horrific way that will inch me closer to hell with each day….but thems the breaks. I know you’re all excited just like Mr. Poopster here is excited.

No help at all this guy, I swear to god. Anyways, thanks again for checking out this stupid blog and tomorrow will be posting up another garbage comic strip for you all to groan at and say “This fucking guy…enough we get it!!!”

Stupid facebook.


Click above pic to see a horrid comic strip. No Really! REALLY, click it!!!


Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs—and draw comics that everyone can be ashamed of! No really, sometimes I post things and it’s like “Oh yeah, EVERYONE I know has a god damn facebook—sorry grandma, big whoops. HA! So I posted something once that Janices mom asked her about and I was mortified. Because rollerblading is gay no matter which way you toss the salad. So I’ve decided to do a more cute and cuddley strip for the kids.

Another comic strip on Thursday fools!

Schools out


That’s right, comic con is upon us and I’m taking a break from updating anything of real substance, not that I’ve ever put anything good up to begin with, but anyways–I’ll be finishing up a few more pages for WTD04: The Tony Danza Sagaand start updating some of those pages up here next week. Until then here’s a picture of my dog, who is way more awesome than any of you.

WTD04 PG44

Again with the “Rolling” text effect. I haven’t figured it out just yet, but one day I’ll be as dope as Jim Rugg when it comes to rocking that shit. That mans insanely talented and re-reading Street Angel just makes me want to slit my wrists and give up on trying to draw good comics and/or witty banter. The man’s a genius.
I’m also starting to get the hang of the Wacom tablet and I’m feeling more comfortable with laying some tones down on my pages. Maybe next I’ll start sketching on it next. What programs do you guys use to illustrate on a tablet? Photshop or something else like illustrator?

Here’s a shot of my dog who we bought a “domo” stuffed animal around a year ago. He loves the damn thing so much that he brings it everywhere he goes. For some reason he’ll be super careful with them for about two months, then all bets are off and he decides to tear the legs off the thing. Here’s the new domo vs. old domo.